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Please contact us using the contact details below for any inquiries, additional information, bookings, feedback, or complaints!


If you would like a copy of our policies and procedures you can do so by simply phoning us, or emailing us and we will send you a copy of the policy or procedure you require such as Informed Consent, Workplace Health & Safety, Records Management, Complaints, and Confidentiality just to mention a few. 


Feedback means a lot to us. You can give feedback in person, in writing, or by phoning us. We welcome both compliments (the good things we do) and complaints (where we get things wrong). Our goal is to provide quality and professional services, so your feedback helps us achieve this.



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Tawanda Machingura: tawanda@ubuntuhealthsolutions.com  or 0409 403 911

Michelle Fair:

michelle@ubuntuhealthsolutions.com 0487 000 260

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