We have partnered with Intelicare contact us on  Email: enquiries.intelicare.uhs@gmail.com or Phone: 047837133


What's new?

  1. New TV Commercial – see on the InteliCare home page https://intelicare.com.au/.

  2. Case Study – how InteliLiving helped June get out of residential care and back to her own home. This is a great story (albeit a long one) https://intelicare.com.au/news/category/intelicare-stories/.

How to Order

  1. Email us on enquiries.intelicare.uhs@gmail.com for an InteliCare Order form. Fill in the ‘CUSTOM’ column with the names of the rooms, and all the details about the client.

  2. Call us on 0409403911

  3. If you have any questions about our pricing or products call Jenny on 08 6212 7575

  4. If you need help with Installation, tick the ‘install’ box on the order form. 

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"Don't give up, normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door"

Tawanda Machingura, Project Director